Notes on References

Bond (1823) Topographical and Historical Sketches of the Boroughs of East and West Looe
Thomas Bond was a friend to Dr Jonathan Couch, and is the Aeneas Pond of Q's The Mayor of Troy and 'The Looe Die-hards'.

Couch, B. (1891) Life of Jonathan Couch FLS of Polperro
Bertha Couch was Jonathan's daughter by his third wife.

Hunt, R. (1896) Popular Romances of the West of England
Robert Hunt was a friend of Thomas Couch. Popular Romances contains some material from the work of Thomas Couch.

Jenkin, A.K.H. Cornwall and Its People
Q's introduction to Cornish Seafarers (1932; the first section of this composite volume) was reprinted on pp v-vii.

Quiller-Couch, A.T. (1900) Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts
Includes the short story 'Once aboard the Lugger'.